~BDH Canine Solutions LLC~

~BDH Canine Solutions LLC~


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Packages and Pricing

Bridgett's late service dog, Jessi.
Bridgett's late service dog, Jessi.

Private Training Sessions


An initial consultation and assessment is required before training can begin.

If you don't see what you need listed please contact us. We're happy to work out custom plans!

Initial Consultation and Assessment - In person meetings between trainer, owner/household members and dog(s) in question to gather background information, problem behaviors, current routine, set reasonable training goals, discuss how to achieve those goals, and complete the necessary forms. Duration varies based on how much background information is known, how complex the issue/situation is, etc. The Initial Consultation and Assessment form can be downloaded and filled out in advance to save time.

15 Minutes - $5.00                                75 Minutes - $25.00

30 Minutes $10.00                                90 Minutes $30.00

45 Minutes - $15.00                              105 Minutes - $35.00

60 Minutes - $20.00                             120 Minutes - $40.00

                                                               +Travel Fee

Private Training Session - One on one training session in the privacy of your home. Private Training Contract can be viewed and downloaded. 

60 Minutes $50.00          90 Minutes $70.00         120 Minutes $85.00

                                                                +Travel Fees

Virtual Coaching - training advice and demonstrations through video chat (Google Meet or Skype). Laptop and internet service are required. Private Training/Coaching Contract can be viewed and downloaded.                                        $30 per hour